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What is blockchain?
Blockchain technology makes it possible to create a digital record of transactions and account balances. This ensures that tampering and malicious behavior cannot occur. All of the transactions can be viewed and verified by anyone without sacrificing privacy or security.
Why blockchain technology over traditional systems?
Unlike traditional centralized systems, decentralized blockchain technology provides a solution to 3rd party interference, tampering and even corruption. The trust and assurance guarantees, created by blockchain technology, will open up opportunities for commercial applications that have never been possible before.
Why choose Cardano over other blockchain platforms?
Superior user experience.
What good is technology if it’s difficult to use. Many cryptocurrency wallets make sending, receiving and storing funds a hassle. The Daedalus wallet was created from the ground up, it is the new benchmark in cryptocurrency wallets.
Cross blockchain compatibility.
We’ve engineered the Cardano platform to be easily compatible with other blockchains. The versatility of the Cardano platform will allow for a more robust blockchain experience.
Consistent network wide updates.
Our strict maintenance guidelines will ensure that the entire Cardano network is updated with the latest features and critical security patches.

When will the Cardano platform be operational?

The Cardano platform, along with its next-generation cryptocurrency ADA, will be operational in the first quarter of 2017.

Excellent cryptography keeps the network secure.
Synergy effects by the high-accuracy matching systems such as P2P, ORACLE, SMART CONTRACT and SDK will bring a great impact not only on cryptocurrencies and next-generation markets but every aspect of social infrastructure.
Cardano is Japan's first cryptocurrency developed specifically for the Asian economic zone.
The new “Age of Discovery” has already begun in the global electronic economy. The history of CARDANO will begin from Japan and the creation of the new economy and market will reach Asian countries having a large impact on official regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies, such as Singapore and Phnom Penh.
The Cardano platform was developed by pioneers in blockchain technology.
Cardano and its cryptocurrency ADA, were developed by Input Output which is at the forefront of blockchain research and development.


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