Learn More About CARDANO

CARDANO is the world’s first gaming platform that proves fairness and security.

The most distinctive feature of CARDANO is that that is a democratic platform which won’t be dominated by game owners. This will become feasible by utilizing built-in architectures such as P2P, ORACLE and SMART CONTRACT. Fairness could be claimed on existing online games, but not practically. However, CARDANO will make it possible to prove fairness by the use of these systems.

CARDANO may be used for multiplying ADA by betting them. Since game owners are not directly involved in game playing, they won’t be directly related to the results. The high-performance Matching System will pick out your opponent by comparing your condition with others’ promptly and connect players safely. 

If you play a game which requires a dealer, another user could play as a dealer if he/she wishes. Also, SDK, a set of CARDANO software development kits will enable each individual to develop and release his/her game so high-quality game development will be expected by competing each other. Accordingly, it will become a gaming platform with most of problems on existing casinos (including online) solved.

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