Introduction of the ADA

What is ADA, the next-generation cryptocurrency?
The new cryptocurrency ADA is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2016.This will function as a key currency for the CARDANO online gaming platform, the world’s first attempt to make fair and transparent game operations available. Holding ADA will be required to play CARDANO.
What is CARDANO?
CARDANO is the next-generation gaming platform utilizing ADA as its key currency. You can enjoy a game for ADA with other users. This world’s first attempt that will prevent cheating and any other unfair acts by not only players but game owners is attracting a great deal of attention. The CARDANO project launched in the beginning of 2015 will surely start a new revolution in the cryptocurrency industry.
Our Development Partners
Charles Hoskinson, the founder of BitShares and the ex-CEO of Ethereum engages in this revolutionary development.
Target Market
The new “Age of Discovery” has already begun in the global electronic economy. The history of CARDANO will begin from Japan and the creation of the new economy and market will reach Asian countries having a large impact on official regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies, such as Singapore and Phnom Penh.