Introduction of the CARDANO and ADA Market

Target Market

The new “Age of Discovery” has already begun in the global electronic economy. The history of CARDANO will begin from Japan and the creation of the new economy and market will reach Asian countries having a large impact on official regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies, such as Singapore and Phnom Penh.

Synergy effects by the high-accuracy matching systems such as P2P, ORACLE, SMART CONTRACT and SDK will bring a great impact not only on cryptocurrencies and next-generation gaming markets but every aspect of social infrastructure.

P2P Technology to Realize Democratization of CARDANO
A variety of people interact each other and the daily autonomic growth of CARDANO will bring forth the first-ever democratic gaming platform.
ORACLES to Democratize the Invisible Hand of God
By utilizing ORACLE, cheating, unfair advantages and probability adjustment of game masters will be prevented. Mathematically and systemically perfect “transparency, fairness and trust”, all of which will be realized by CARDANO.
SMART CONTRACT Combined with Certainty and Safety
The autonomous contract technology conducts secure, safe and quick transactions and removes any worries. You can enjoy a game with absolute safety.
MATCHING to Connect Game Players and Owners
CARDANO will match players and game owners or other players instantly. Safe, fair and democratic game operations will become possible-CARDANO will establish complete consensuses and proof based on personal identification, proof of reserve and legal compliance issues.