ADA Presale

ADA Presale Overview

  • 1. We will launch tranche 4 which is the international part of the ADA sale on November 25th.

  • 2. This sale will be open for people residing in China, South Korea,Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan.

  • 3. For the payment method, we accept bank transfer and Bitcoin, you will then be issued an ADA voucher.
  • ・Attain is exchanging from Bitcoin into ADA VOUCHER, not ADA coin.
  • ・ADA Voucher will be required to redeem ADA coin that will be created on the Cardano blockchain.
  • ・You will receive an invitation to get your ADA Voucher via the email address you specified.

  • 4. Only people residing in Japan are able to pay by bank transfer.
  • ・When using this method, 7.75% of the payment amount will be charged as an transaction fee.

  • 5. We will not charge any transaction fee for Bitcoin payment.

      • The original schedule needed to be amended whilst we set up the compliance standards for international jurisdictions. We decided to change the schedule as following:

      • We will close Tranche 3.5 on November 21th and Tranche 4 will be open on November 25th. The reason why we are conducting Tranche 3.5 is that Tranche 3 ended up closing after only 3 days due to its success. Due to the delay with opening our sale in Asian countries, many Asian buyers missed an opportunity to purchase ADA for the price of Tranche 3. So, to be fair to these buyers, we are exchanging ADA Voucher’s at the price from Tranche 3 except for users residing in Japan.

        ADA Sales Structure

      • 1. We are not providing direct ADA Voucher exchange.

      • 2. All buyers must exchange ADA Voucher via their distributors.

      • 3. Our mission is to distribute the knowledge of Cryptocurrency to each country.

        • 4. We are educating distributors through meetups, discussions, seminars etc etc.

          • 5. If buyers have any questions or worries, their distributors can support them and provide guidance.

          • 6. To motivate distributors to learn and provide help their buyers, distributors will get commissions when their buyers exchanged into ADA vouchers.
        • ・For example, if you exchanged $1,500 worth of Bitcoin, then you will get $1,500 worth of ADA vouchers.
        • ・Additionally, 20% of the paid amount (in this case, $300 worth of Bitcoin) will be sent to the distributor who invited the buyer to our sales system.
        • ・Also, 80% of the Bitcoin