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Cryptocurrency keeps the world changing. Bitcoin signified the start, which led to "economic democracy" and started a revolution in modern currency. And now, CARDANO, the new-generation gaming platform is trying to reform the Cryptocurrency industry. We hope even more people will feel familiar with Cryptocurrency through ADA, the key currency of CARDANO.

We are sure that Cryptocurrency will soon become a part of our lives just like when a telephone first appeared in this world.

Man is seeking for evolution all the time. We are now here as a result of history kept having new challenges. We are certain that CARDANO will also make a first step for the evolution of human beings.

“Man creates man and information connects people”. We will unite and pursue our ideal under this management philosophy.

Attain Corporation, CEO, Junpei Kawahara

Company Profile

Company Name Attain Corporation Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address 9F Idea Midousuji Building, 4-1-1 Minamikyuhoujimachi, Chuo-ku,Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 541-0058,
Tokyo Office Address 6F Puri Pula Building, 2-1-6, Higashi Shinsaibashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 104-0021
Date of Establishment July 7th, 2014
Paid-in Capital ¥3,000,000
Representative Junpei Kawahara
Main Partners CARDANO Foundation
CGG Limited
Input Output
Authense Law Firm
B.Positive Law Film
Minori Licensed Tax Accountant Corporation
Inoue Tax Accounting Office
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