ADA Exchange Guide

ADA Exchange Guide

You need to sign up for an account from an invitation link to start the ADA exchange.
Please refer to the following steps for enrollment.
Please access an invitation link issued by Distributor

1.Choose Your Language and Residential Country

Choose your language and country of residence, and click “Next”.

2.Fill Out the Form

Enter your information and choose the amount you wish to exchange into ADA. Please agree to the Privacy Policy before moving on to the next page.

How to Verify your Email Address

The error message below will pop up when the verification failed. Please follow the instruction above and complete your email verification process.

3.Read the Policy Carefully and Check the Box

Agree to the “User Policy” before moving on to the next page.

4.Upload the Required Document(s)

Upload a copy of your selfie*. If you don’t upload the image or the uploaded image is not sufficient, we may contact you via your registered email address.

*Selfie here is an image with your face and ID card in it.

Tips to Take Selfie

1. Hold your ID up next to your face.

2. Take a close-up picture. Make sure that your face and the letters in your ID come out clearly.

3. Only JPG or PNG format is acceptable.


We may call you for confirmation depending on the amount you wish to exchange.

[Pay with Bitcoin]

1.An email with a payment link and half of bitcoin address where you send your payment amount to will be sent to your registered email address. Please click the payment link so it will show a full bitcoin address for payment.

2.Please send the amount shown on “Bitcoins to Pay” from the link only if the half of your payment bitcoin address corresponds to the full bitcoin address*.

*There is possible rate fluctuation risk. Please confirm the exchange rate right before the transfer.


1.Go to our website and click “Log-in” button which is in the top right of the page.

2.Enter your email address* and the USD amount you wish to exchange into ADA. Please agree to the “Privacy Policy” before moving onto the next page.
*Please make sure that the email address is the same as your registered email address.

3.An invoice email will be sent to your email address. Please access the payment link in the email and complete the transfer.


A receipt with your ADA redemption code will be sent within a few days after your order. The ADA redemption code will be required to actually acquire ADA after the CARDANO release so please keep it safe.