Distributor Registration Guide

Distributor Enrollment Guide

You need to sign up for a Distributor account to receive commissions as Distributor. Please refer to the following steps and generate an invite link.

1.Choose Your Language and Residential Country

Choose your language and country of residence, and click “Next”.

2.Fill Out the Form

Enter your information and choose the amount you wish to exchange into ADA. Please agree to the Privacy Policy before moving on to the next page.

How to Verify your Email Address

The error message below will pop up when the verification failed. Please follow the instruction above and complete your email verification process.

3.Read the Policy Carefully and Check the Box

Agree to the “User Policy” before moving on to the next page.

4.Upload the Required Document(s)

Upload a copy of your selfie*. If you don’t upload the image or the uploaded image is not sufficient, we may contact you via your registered email address.

Tips to Take Selfie

1. Hold your ID up next to your face.

2. Take a close-up picture. Make sure that your face and the letters in your ID come out clearly.

3. Only JPG or PNG format is acceptable.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address after your enrollment request passed our compliance check.

5. Enter Your Bitcoin Address

1. Go to a password setting page from the link in the confirmation email.

2. Enter your Bitcoin address to receive commissions.

Please make your Bitcoin wallet if you don’t have one. Bitcoin address of your wallet will be required to receive commissions.

For more details, please refer to “Bitcoin WalletGuide”: http://attaincorp.co.jp/en/manual/bitcoin.html.

6. Create an Invite Link

[Links for Distributors]

1.Click “Generate Distributor Link” on the left sidebar.

2.Click “Generate Link” button so you can copy the link shown and use it as an invite link.

[Links for Buyers]

1.Click “Generate Buyer Link” on the left sidebar.

2.Choose “onetime” or “unlimited” use and click “Generate Link” so you can copy the link shown and use it as an invite link.

Generated links are viewable from “View My Links”. If you select “Unlimited”, the invite link will remain available unless you don’t click “Expire this Link”.

Status of Generated Links

Onetime: The link is for one-time use.

Unlimited: The link is for repeated use.

Active: The link is valid.

Retired: The link is invalid