CARDANO(카르다노)와 ADA(에이다) 특별 상거래 법에 기반을 둔 표시항목 페이지입니다.

Items Disclosed pursuant to the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Exchange Price Please refer to “ADA Presale” for exchange price and purchase procedure of ADA as well as consideration for exchange and applicable fees.
ADA Presale:
ADA exchange transaction will always be subject to the risk of fluctuations in various rates (such as Bitcoin/USD exchange rate) until the completion of the procedure. Please confirm the details on the website above and also be advised that you will be solely responsible for any purchase you make.
Fees other than Purchase Price <In the case of payment in Bitcoin>
-Remittance fee for a Bitcoin remittance to the Company; and
-Remittance fee for a Bitcoin remittance from the Company’s Bitcoin Wallet to the Company’s ADA sales system
For the information of fees and commissions, please also refer to “Flow of ADA Exchange.”
Payment Method Payment with Bitcoin (prepayment).
The actual amount of fees and commissions charged to you, other than Bitcoin exchange agency fees, will be deducted from the consideration for exchange you have paid to the Company.
Time of Payment and Payment Due Date All payments shall be made in advance within 3 business days from the order confirmation date.
Time of Delivery A confirmation email with an ADA private key will be sent to you when your Bitcoin remittance is confirmed on the Company’s ADA exchange system*.
*Time required for the registration of Bitcoin on the Company’s ADA exchange system
<Payment with Bitcoin>
-A certain time will be required for the approval of transaction in Bitcoin system.
For details, please refer to the website below as well as “Flow of ADA Exchange”:
Returns No returns will be accepted in any case.
Disclaimer of Warranties In no event will the Company assume any defect liability regarding ADA.
Application Period <Effective period of application>
-If you have applied for the purchase of ADA, the Company will send you an email to confirm that purchase right is granted to you at the time of the said grant.
-If you do not confirm your order within 7 days from the date of the first email, the application will be automatically cancelled.
<Effective period of ADA exchange>
-If you do not pay the purchase price as well as other necessary fees within 3 days after the order for ADA is confirmed, the order will be automatically cancelled.
Others Please refer to the following websites for the User Policy and potential risks related to ADA exchange transaction:
(User Policy)
(Possible Risks related to ADA exchange transaction)
-In the event that the sales amount reaches the maximum amount within the application period, the sales will be suspended until the next application period.
-For details, please refer to the following website:
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